Jul 6, 2012

On 5/24/12, I dreamt I was on a football field as an undrafted free agent. I saw players on the field before the game who were not ready, but were high minded, as though they were too good to take heed of being prepared.

Suddenly, the game started and those players were caught off guard. I quickly put on jersey #37 and there was a kick off that went out of bounds, but I picked up the ball and began to run. There were no whistles that blew the play dead. I had blockers ahead of me. A stadium of fans were cheering me on. It was a real game and there was great excitement. I was running with the ball towards the end zone and my blockers were knocking down the opponents. The blocked opponents I stepped over were wearing white robes. I scored a touchdown and with great rejoicing was giving credit to my blockers which I called in the dream, "my homies". The stadium of fans were going nuts with cheer.


My being an undrafted free agent is my organic upbringing in the Lord, not by church affiliation or seminary training. The players not ready are Christians and Pastors who think highly of their ministries and themselves and by this, are not ready. They have the prophets and watchmen on ignore.

The #37 I was wearing is still a mystery to me and God in his time will reveal what this means. It may be a timing that is being revealed in that # some how.

Those who were blocked, wearing white robes, are the saints who oppose this word. They are still our brethren, dressed in white, but are opposing this word of the prophets. In the dream there was someone else who was supposed to take the ball, but they were not doing their job, so it was up to me to grab the ball and run.

The ball represents the word of God for the day. The ball out of bounds is the fault of the kick off team. The kick off team is the church who has rejected the word of God for the day and they kicked the ball (the word) away from them and even out of bounds, but God, the referee, did not blow the play dead, so I picked up the ball, got back in bounds where the ball went out and began to run. The direction I was running was from right to left, east to west. I am returning the word back, going back to the west coast to evangel the megaquake word of warning (when the time is right). Angels and the Holy Spirit are going before me to block for me, so I can get there, to the end zone for the TD, to bare witness of this word for the kingdom, so people would believe in the one who's giving it, the King Jesus Christ.

The stadium of fans are the cloud of witnesses that have gone on before us. Heaven is watching with great excitement and cheer of this timely word going forth, which is going to bare much fruit, once it comes to pass!

Father Yah, I pray you would prepare the way to awaken many with this word. Thank you for angels and your Spirit that makes this possible and prepares the way. Thank you that I can carry the word and be prepared for this. Though your church has put this word on ignore, I know some of them will awaken with the first warning and prepare to get to safety. So Father I pray you would lead me in every way to reach those who are reachable, so those who do seek, would find. Most people will not seek, but you are sending forth the word to find the few who do and they will be blessed to see through the great loss that is coming. Lord, if there is anything I am missing from what you want to do, show me, that I might be in complete tune with what all you are doing. In Jesus might name, amen